Specialty Training Committee


  • Nele Michels


  • Eva De Fine Licht
  • Roar Maagaard
  • Llukan Rrumbullaku
  • Inguna Locmele
  • Darach O'Ciardha
  • Peter Prydz
  • Nynke Scherpbier de Haan
  • Martine Granek-Catarivas
  • Venija Cerovecki Nekić
  • Maia Račić
  • Iveta Vaverková
  • Dolores Fores Garcia
  • Sonata Varvuolyte
  • Chloe Delacour


The ST committee aims to improve patient care in family medicine by further developing general practice specialty training. We do this by:

  • giving an overview of specialty training programs in Europe;
  • identifying needs for improvement of training programs;
  • providing tools that countries could use to improve their quality of teaching in specialty training.

We base our tools on the latest scientific evidence in medical education.

We aim to be the natural forum for sharing ideas and experiences regarding specialty training in Europe - and for being active in promoting changes when needed.